Post-Acne Scar Reduction

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Restore your confidence and quality of life with effective, comfortable acne scar reduction treatments
Post-Acne Scar Reduction


Acne scars develop due to the rupture of the skin releasing irritating contents into the dermal layer causing a dermal inflammatory reaction. If the healing process is incomplete, it may lead to the creation of scars. Acne scars can be divided into atrophic (icepick, rolling, and boxcar) and hypertrophic scars. Each scar has its own unique characteristics which each requiring a different therapeutic approach.

Viora is committed to providing safe, comfortable acne scar reduction treatments in order to restore confidence and quality of life.

Reduce your acne scars, so your skin will look smooth again!

Viora’s post-acne scars reduction treatments can be applied also for other types of facial scars, such as post-injury or cutting. The treatment delivers controlled tissue trauma to activate the skin’s healing process through the production of new skin cells and the destruction of fibrotic tissue in the scar. It provides deep dermal heating leading to the synthesis of new collagen essential for the improvement in the appearance of the scar, it’s lifting, and tightening.

Skin Health: Viora life Tips to Post-Acne Scar Reduction:

  • Use “professional” anti-aging skincare regimes including masks and peels – it will help tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of the scars
  • Don’t use heavy make-up – makeup can highlight the scars


Can I expect the scars will disappear?
Unordinary, no. three is no magic that will completely make your scars disappear. However, the treatment can dramatically improve their appearance, including size, depth, and color.

How many sessions are needed?
Usually 4-6 sessions.