Enlarged Pores Shrinkage

Oil-free skin and smaller pores are just a few treatments away!
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Enlarged Pores Shrinkage


The pores in our skin are small “openings” on the surface providing pathway for sweat and sebum to exit the skin. They have an important role as they aid the body in eliminating oils and toxins. There are 3 known determining factors that affect pore size:

The genetics

  • Oily Skin – People who have naturally oily skin have larger pores since more oil comes though the pores
  • Age and sun damage – as skin ages, sebaceous gland, cell renewal activity and collagen and elastin production decreases, thereby increasing the appearance of visible pores

However, Viora’s proprietary technologies can reduce pore size and sebum production.

Viora Enlarged Pores Shrinkage treatment is clinically proven, safe, and comfortable, with no downtime.

Shrink your pores so your skin will look smooth and oil-free!

Viora’s Technology provides an excellent source for fibroblast stimulation leading to the production of new collagen and elastane. The treatment produces balanced sebum production via skin renewal resulting in reduced pores size.

Skin Health: Viora life Tips to Enlarged Pores Shrinkage:

  • Gently exfoliate your skin (such as Viora Pristine™) – it further activates cells, cleaning deeply into the pores and preventing large pores from being noticeable to the eye
  • Dehydrated skin must be moisturized (such as Viora Intensive Hydration™ ampoule) – moisturizing skin is essential to nourishing skin by creating a barrier between large pores and unwanted oils and debris
  • Remove cosmetics thoroughly each night
  • Cleanse skin — keep pores tight by using a gentle cleanser appropriate for your skin type
  • Use “professional” anti-aging skin care regimes including masks and peels – it will help minimize pore size
  • Protect your skin from sun damage – use high factor SPF cream
  • Don’t use heavy make-up – makeup can actually cause pores to appear enlarged, especially when it’s not properly washed off. It can also settle in and around pores to highlighting them instead of hiding them


How long does a treatment session last?
Each treatment area is treated during 10-25

How many sessions are needed?
Recommended number of sessions ranges between 2-4