Labial Correction

Regain a more youthful appearance and firmer sensation.
Effective Labial correction with Viora Fusion® treatment
Labial Correction

Labial Correction

Labial correction with Viora Fusion® treatment.

If you suffer from stretched, loose and lax vulval tissue, you may experience a loss of strength and tone in the skin, as well as the surrounding muscles. If you are experiencing this condition we offer Viora’s Fusion® treatment, a safe solution that assists in labial correction, regaining a more youthful appearance and firmer sensation.

What is the Process?

This particular treatment is intended to tighten the loose or sagging labial tissue. The labia area can be completely treated by delivering RF energy superficially to the genital area, combined with skin-rejuvenation and anti-aging effected and integration of essential nutrients and peptides.

Fusion® by Viora is Vidalife’s answer to vulval tissue conditions, offering the most advanced, non-invasive treatment available. Surgeries are out and “lunch break” treatments are in! Treating these conditions with a non-invasive labial correction requires no downtime.

Skin Health: Viora life Tips to Fusion®:

  • Keep your skin healthy and soft by drinking lots of water.
    The most important tip is to have a positive and young attitude. You are only as old as you feel!


Do I need to apply any topical anesthesia to prevent pain?
Thanks to Viora’s Proprietary Technology and advanced contact cooling, the treatment is comfortable and usually do not require topical anesthesia.

When will I see results?
Results can be seen and felt after the very first treatment with a gradual improvement as the treatment course progresses.